James Halstead MCIL CL 何雲驍

(Co-Chair, Association for Speakers of Chinese as a Second Language)

Peter Humphrey

James Halstead is a Chartered Linguist and member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists; originally graduating with a BA in Chinese from the University of Leeds, James went on to complete the UK Civil Service Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s highest language examination in Mandarin Chinese.

With over a decade of China experience, the majority of which based in-country in China, to date James has dedicated the majority of his professional life in China to HMG's FCO China Network, initially for the British Consulate General in Shanghai, and later several years at the British Embassy in Beijing. James has also previously worked for private companies based in the UK and in China.

Outside of a professional capacity, James enjoys history, martial arts, linguistic anthropology, as well as the company of friends and family.

He has been a member of ChineseSpeakers since 2011, serving on its Secretariat since 2016, and accepted appointment as Co-Chair in 2018.

For more information, or to contact James directly, he can be reached over LinkedIn here (Please include an introductory message when reaching out!)


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