Speakers of Chinese have excellent career opportunities (for examples of the different career paths possible have a look at our Advisory Board member profiles), but it is important to search proactively and keep up your level of Chinese if you can't find a position where you use it immediately (see our Language Top Up page for recommended resourses for keeping your language skills up to scratch). Below are some initial pointers for various fields to get you started.


The China Britain Business Council provides a wealth of information about doing business in China, running workshops and conferences. For working in mainland China, the British Chamber of Commerce websites have a constantly updated list of opportunities which are well worth checking out. These may or may not require Chinese language skills and can be found here for South-west China, Guangdong, and Shanghai. See here also for Hong Kong, here for Taiwan, and here for Singapore.


Secondary School positions are advertised on the Times Education Service Network (www.tes.co.uk). Opportunities are also sometimes advertised through the SSAT Mandarin teaching network. See our Teaching Chinese page on this site for more information. Academic and research posts are advertised on jobs.ac.uk and/or on the Times Higher Education Service (www.thes.co.uk). You can ask for a weekly email alert for academic jobs in a certain field.

For new or experienced teachers of Chinese, The Chinese Staffroom (www.thechinesestaffroom.com) is a free, high-quality, time-saving website where teachers can find the latest information about teaching Chinese. The site is constantly updated and contains free resources, resource reviews, jobs, a 'schools teaching Chinese' map and events calendar.

Translation and Interpreting

Translation and Interpreting posts which require Chinese are increasing in number and since the vast majority of Chinese/English interpreters are Chinese native speakers, English native speakers are often in demand. One way in to a career in translation or interpreting, to enhance your CV, and to maintain your language skills, which also allows you to make a real contribution, is to become involved in volunteering. If you are interested in gaining a degree in interpreting and/or translation, check out our Postgraduate Studies page to see a selection of HEIs offering related courses. If you are looking to become, or already are a qualified and practicing translator or interpretor, check out the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Charitable organisations which we know of that are regularly looking for translators/interpreters are:-

  • Chinadialogue, for environmental issues – this is the only completely bilingual Chinese/English website in existence (www.chinadialogue.net).
  • China News Digest, (www.cnd.org), a general news and information website about China
  • Press Interpreter (http://www.pressinterpreter.org/chinese), a global association dedicated to interpreting news from all around the world into English.
  • The China Study Journal is always keen to hear from qualified translators who are interested in topics to do with religion in contemporary China. For further details contact the China Desk of Churches Together (www.ctbi.org.uk).

Please contact us to add any more to the list!

External Job Sites

The below sites may help you find your ideal job in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore.










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